Action provide staff to work with National Citizen Award Students

Firstly - if you are a young person aged 15 to 17 years old, don't miss out on your chance to get involved with NCS.  

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You'll live away from home, develop skills to boost your CV, and meet amazing people you'll never forget.

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This week at the Surrey GO club there were 9 students from The Challenge attending. They ranged between 15-17 years old are all in the process of completing their National Citizenship award. As part of their award they need to offer their time by volunteering with a charity. We were very pleased to welcome the young people who spent the session learning about the children who attend club and playing with them. Action for People were happy to provide the staff to run this session and help the students on their way to completing their award.

The young people had spent some time before the session thinking about the games and activities the children would like to play. The games were all drama based and when they arrived at club they had lots of fantastic ideas!

All of the young people made a huge effort to try to engage the children in their games and many were successful. 

Everyone had a great time. Some of the children communicated really well with the young people which can be challenging for them. Some of the children were sad to see the young people go. Hopefully we will be able to work with The Challenge again in the future.

Action for People helps provide staff to the charity GO! to help them provide opportunities to young people in sports, art, theatre, music and so much more. Well done to the whole team involved!