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Action for People

We are a skilled team who work to offer certified training, support, projects, events and creative media to help improve lives  - simple!


Our aim

Action for People provide training, support services, exciting events and innovative media that highlight issues around health, diversity and poverty reform issues that affect communities and organizations alike; providing ways to encourage informed decision and aiming for change & influence within local communities.

Who we are

Action for People is an organisation that runs training, projects, events and programs that benefit communities. From 2015 to 2017 Action for people have:

  • Funded over 26,000 hours of Charity support services

  • Helped recruit over 350 volunteers for voluntary groups 

  • Provided short breaks leaders for over 3323 hours of clubs and events in 3 years

  • Funded staff to cater for 33 Scholarship music places for the charity GO!

  • In 3 years Action for People provided recruitment, training and staff to facilitate over 1051 hours of befriending and mentoring services

  • Built support websites and services across the South of England in Advice and guidance, mental health support, Support With confidence for older people and much more gaining over 200k page hits for those seeking support

  • Designed brochures, posters, user guides and marketing materials in conjunction with The Quirky Orange Creative Studio to support community groups, Local Authorities and charitable organisations

What we do...

Action for People works directly with the National Support with Confidence team providing advice, guidance and scheme set up. Could your area benefit from:




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Volunteer Recruitment and Fundraising 

Action for People have helped recruit over 350 volunteers, created fundraising literature, fundraising packs, online portals and much more... We care about communities and know that charities need as much support as possible, we take a personal and unique approach to help grow your charity...

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Support Directories 

We provide online, telephone and printed support directories which include making support accessible for vulnerable people, family support, mental health and much more...

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Short Breaks, Clubs and Consultancy

The team at Action have provided thousands of hours of Short Breaks and managed contracts around the country. Talk to our experienced team on how we can run sessions in your area or work with your teams to deliver contracts that have a positive impact in your area. 

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Website Development and Design

The creative team at Action have helped work with organisations, community groups, Local Authorities and much more to create bespoke, relevant websites for projects and larger organisations. Good design, bespoke to you ... Make an impact now!

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Design and Communication Services

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Partnership Work


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Support With Confidence

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Befriending and Mentoring

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Voluntary Sector and Support Service Consultancy

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