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Voluntary Sector and Support Service Consultancy


Voluntary Sector and Support Service Consultancy

Helping you delivery more effective services, our team has decades of experience in service planning, development and delivery - let us help you delivery your services."

In the current climate we are all under pressure to do less with more. Action for People have been supporting charities and Local Authorities to do just this. 

We have worked with Charities, Local Authorities, Public Health teams and independent organisations. Action for People have provided over 26,000 hours of Support Services in the last three years to voluntary sector organisations and Local Authorities. 

Services for charities / organisations

  • ‪Risk assessment
  • ‪Bid Writing
  • ‪Fundraising assistance
  • Events Management 
  • Community evaluations / feasibility studies
  • Research projects / project management / business planning
  • Section 44 Inspections (Childrens homes)
  • ‪Marketing
  • ‪End of year report writing
  • ‪AGM presentations / Project presentation
  • ‪Very Part time assistance – this can be as little as two hours a month by experienced personnel who work remotely and get those ‘annoying but necessary’ jobs done.
  • ‪(VPT Administrators, Accountant, Clerical)
  • Acting senior staff services, including Chief Executive, Operational and Project Management contract roles
  • Website design, brochure and poster design and campaign development 
  • Community surveys / reviews

Training and coaching

  • ‪Trustee
  • ‪Governance
  • Events Management / Conferences
  • ‪Administration
  • ‪Accounts management
  • ‪Internal audit
  • ‪Fundraising
  • ‪Marketing
  • ‪Mentoring of new or newly promoted team members
  • ‪Coaching for presentation work or board meetings
  • ‪Board meeting training for trustee boards

"In 2016 & 2017 Action for People funded staff to cater for 33 scholarship music places for the charity GO! thanks to those who help make this possible and who have supported our work over the last two years!"

Business, Marketing & Project Consulting

Action for People offers unique business and marketing support with social entrepreneurship at its core. Working with a wide variety of business' including charities, community groups, Local Authorities to start-ups companies,  we develop projects designed to be profitable and that will benefit the local community. 

As an organisation we seek to help charities and other not for profit groups to develop business models that will support projects that are sustainable and capable of creating free reserves to facilitate new development.

The team here at Action for People offer a flexible service where they can work in house or remotely to manage or set up projects as a completely independent mobile team. Freeing you up to deliver your work, contracts and day to day with an experienced senior management team with no lengthy contracts. Quick, easy, affordable and reliable. It's that simple!" 

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  • ‪Website Design, revamp, special project sites, information directory websites and much more
  • Events Management
  • ‪Publicity brochures and magazine
  • ‪Presentations and powerpoint
  • ‪Social Media Management and consultancy
  • ‪Marketing and Communication strategy documents
  • ‪Business plans


Who we are

Action for People is an organisation that runs projects, events and programs that benefit communities. From 2015 - 2017 Action for people have:

  • Funded over 26,000 hours of Charity support services

  • Helped recruit over 350 volunteers for voluntary groups

  • Provided short breaks leaders for over 3323 hours of clubs and events in the last three years

  • Funded staff to cater for 33 Scholarship music places for the charity GO! over 2016 & 2017

  • In 2016 & 2017 Action for People provided recruitment, training and staff to facilitate over 1051 hours of befriending and mentoring services

  • Built support websites and services across the South of England in Advice and guidance, mental health support, Support With confidence for older people and much more gaining over 200k page hits for those seeking support

  • Designed brochures, posters, user guides and marketing materials in conjunction with Original Orange to support community groups, Local Authorities and charitable organisations

Design and Communication Services

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Partnership Work


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Support With Confidence

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Befriending and Mentoring

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Voluntary Sector and Support Service Consultancy

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More of what we do...

Action for People works directly with the National Support with Confidence team providing advice, guidance and scheme set up. Could your area benefit from:




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Volunteer Recruitment and Fundraising 

Action for People have helped recruit over 350 volunteers, created fundraising literature, fundraising packs, online portals and much more... We care about communities and know that charities need as much support as possible, we take a personal and unique approach to help grow your charity...

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Support Directories 

We provide online, telephone and printed support directories which include making support accessible for vulnerable people, family support, mental health and much more...

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Short Breaks, Clubs and Consultancy

The team at Action have provided thousands of hours of Short Breaks and managed contracts around the country. Talk to our experienced team on how we can run sessions in your area or work with your teams to deliver contracts that have a positive impact in your area. 

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Website Development and Design

The creative team at Action have helped work with organisations, community groups, Local Authorities and much more to create bespoke, relevant websites for projects and larger organisations. Good design, bespoke to you ... Make an impact now!

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