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Sexual Health

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Promotes information, education and action in order to prevent HIV infections and to improve the lives of those affected by HIV and AIDS.

Provides a sexual health centre with online quiz and information on symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and finding care.

Free and confidential sexual health and contraception advice for those under 25.
Text line: 07537 402 024

Enables young people to make informed choices about pregnancy
020 7284 6056

Provides the facts about sexual health for parents, kids, teenagers and educators.

Provides information about men’s sexual problems including FAQ, a sympton self-assessment test and help preparing for a visit to the doctor

Provides a guide to sexual health services with useful links, videos and sexual health services directory.

Provides a symptons check tool.

Provides an online leaflet for sexually transmitted diseases including the symptons and effects.

Provides an information and facts guide on STIs.

The FPA are a sexual health charity giving straight-forward information, advice and support on sexual health, sex and relationships to everyone in the UK including a confidential helpline and a find a clinic directory.

Provides information and advice on genital herpes to help the improve lives for people with herpes simplex.

Provides information on Chlaymydia including FAQ, advice and useful links.

0300 123 7123