Time to think about grants 2019

Time to think about

Grants for 2019

It's only a few months until Christmas and then it will be the start of a New Year with plans and projects that may need a reliable cashflow from grants and fundraising to enable the work of your organization to move forward.

From the beginning of October onwards many of the Trusts and grant funders  will be advertising that they are open for new grant applications. Remember, it's important to read the criteria that each Trust requires for those who wish to apply for funding as these often change and may not be the same as a previous year. Also, make sure that you check the closing dates for applications as most trusts will not be able to accept requests received once the date has passed.

So, now is the time to review your organizations projected budget needs for the next twelve to eighteeen months and start looking for potential funders whose critieria for funding and desired outcomes most closely reflect those you want to meet.

Trusts are just as interested in the money they invest to help create great outcomes as is the charity who is seeking funding and it is worth taking the time, if the Trust offers the option, to chat through your proposed application with their funding officer who will be able to advise if your proposal meets all their current grant criteria.

So, arm yourself with the information you require to identify your organisations financial needs, identify potential funders, and create a schedule to make sure you will have enough time to write applications and submit the same prior to any  advertised closing dates.

If your organisation needs help with funding and bid writing - get in touch with us and see if we can provide you any support contact@actionforpeople.org.uk