Safeguarding: Are you compliant?

Safeguarding: Are you compliant image?


The latest headlines about Charity organisations having to deal with safeguarding issues prompts us to write this post as a general reminder to those who work in various organisations, churches, sports clubs, and community groups etc.

If you are a club, sports group, church, or community organisation please make sure that your Safeguarding policy and protocols are up-to-date. A named person should be appointed as Safeguarding officer, and the Safeguarding Officer and managing body of the group, be it a committee, board, or Directorship, each have a copy of the Safeguarding policy and understand the protocol for its operation. THIS IS A LEGAL REQUIREMENT

As a general rule:

1. The Safeguarding policy will require anyone who works with children or vulnerable adults to have an up-to-date DBS check.
2. The Safeguarding policy will have a specific set of reporting steps [known as the protocol] that must be followed if a concern is noted. All group leaders should know and understand these steps and their responsibilities to ensure that concerns are promptly and correctly addressed
3. If your group belongs to a national body or church denomination, there will likely [should] be a national policy that you are required to implement within your own policies that require any reportable incident to be shared with the overarching body
4. There can be no secrets and no exceptions or excuses. If a safeguarding issue arises it must be dealt with correctly and fully reported – regardless of who the person/s concerned may be or their position in the group.
Action for People can support any group who is concerned with or needs help with their Safeguarding. Action for People run certified training courses in Safeguarding (Adult and Children safeguarding Level 1 and Level 2), we can also provide support to help you develop your Safeguarding policies and protocols. To find out more or talk to one of our team please get in touch and contact us here. 
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