Are you sure that you are getting your GDPR requirements right on a day to day basis?

Are you sure that you are getting your GDPR requirements right on a day to day basis?


Its not time to put your feet up yet for GDPRThere have been many high-cost fines by ICO for non-compliance and data breaches of GDPR since the 25th May and that has included charities and churches as well as commercial entities. It is also likely that there will soon be new cases hitting the courts as GDPR permits individuals to seek compensation through the courts for breaches of their data privacy rights, including in circumstances where no material damage or financial loss has been suffered. So, it is important, that everyone in the organisation is confident in implementing the correct procedures on a daily basis.

GDPR is about people, it is not just about office computers and locked filing cabinets or data held on phones, tablets, files, and laptops. It is important to make sure that your team are confident in performing the ongoing requirements of GDPR as a data breach of the regulations and a person’s privacy is a serious offence and everyone needs to know how to implement good practice and to UNDERSTAND the daily requirements of the regulations to remain compliant.

Action for People CIC can offer your team certified GDPR training at Level 1 GDPR awareness and Level 2 Implementing GDPR in the workplace. We offer this training as a combined course and those who attend will learn:

- The purpose of the General Data Protection Regulation
- What organisations need to do to daily comply with GDPR
- GDPR and the personal laptop, phone and tablet
- GDPR for those working from home
- The role of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) in the GDPR
- Understanding how the GDPR affects the private individual
- Understanding the data protection rights of individuals
- Implementing GDPR in the workplace every day

Our combined L1 and L2 courses are held in groups of no more than 12 learners and last for 4 hours [2x2 hours with an hour break in between sessions]. At a cost of £35 per person.

If you are a charity, or a not-for profit organisation who would like us to train a group of up to 12 people in your organisation on your own premises then we will come to you at a cost of £299.

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